Welcome to Southern New Hampshire! This beautiful New England state has so much to offer you whether you are looking to move here to raise your family or are looking to invest in vacation property. We have city life, night life or a tranquil setting in the rural areas. We have beautiful pristine lakes, mountains for views and hiking, 13 miles of ocean and 87% of the state is still covered by forest.

New Hampshire has a supportive business climate and a low crime rate. In addition, NH has the highest standard of living in the States according to a ranking of percent of population in poverty (2009 – 2010). Per capita income as of 2010 show that New Hampshire ranks number 10 for highest levels of income in the country. Our economny is strong, diversified and competitive as we remtain low in unemployment. NH still does not have an income tax or state sales tax.

New Hampshire has one of the highest percentages of college educated citizens in the country.

The source of this information comes from the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economics.